Swamy's Vaasthu Shastra

Experience the Power of Vaasthu

Swamy’s Vaasthu Books

1. Swamyin Valam tharum Vaasthu Shastra – General (Tamil)

This book covers Vaasthu Shastra in its entirity. Starting with the basic principle of Vaasthu shastra, it covers from what to look for when buying a land and designing the building plan, inside and out. For better illustration, the author has given graphical representation in most instances and also provided many sample plans for standard plot size.

2. Swamyin Industrial Vaasthu (Tamil)

This book focuses on Industrial Vaasthu, a must for all the business and commercial facilities to incraese productivity, performance & efficiency and create positive environment, which increases revenue and attracts more business.

3. Swamyin Vaasthu Predictions (Tamil)

This book is a complete essence of his Vaasthu knowledge. In this book the author has given Vaasthu predictions to caution and guide the people to make necessary corrections to evade from evil effects occurring due to improper Vaasthu compositions.

4. Vaasthu Shastrathil Inniyavai Naarpathu Inna Naarpathu (Tamil)

This is a handbook on Vaasthu Shastra wherein the author highlights the Do’s & Don’ts in Vaasthu Shastra. The author has taken every effort to compile this in very simple terms so that the people of all class understands the Vaasthu principles and can apply them in their day to day life to lead a better and prosperous life.
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